Opportunity For Ministry

How can I help the cause of the children and families in the adoption process?

Become a Mentor

Have you traveled the path of adoption? Do you have experience and encouragement to share with those to whom this may be a new experience? You can be a huge help by joining our mentoring program. If you have interest please reach out to us and we will be eager to share with you more about this ministry opportunity.


Sounds simple but we believe God’s word where it says the prayers of the righteous are effective. Please pray for the children and families involved in adoption. They need your support in this way.

Educate the Church

We offer informational and training sessions to church groups. Please contact us to schedule. We also materials and assistance planning events or featuring a booth at events.

We know there are many voices asking for donations today. We would rather not join the noise and clamour saying “Donate to us, donate to us!” But we would ask you to consider the quiet voices of children without a family who whisper “I wish I had a home.” And the young families who are considering adoption but assessing their checkbook balance in dismay. Your donations, even small ones, can go a long way to make things happen in this ministry of God’s kingdom among the Anabaptist’s.

Donate Our Ministry

Contact Us

Would you like to speak with someone about adoption, share your story or ask questions? Fill out the form below or give us a call at 717-553-9053, we’d love to talk!